Assoc. Prof. Tolga DEMİRYOL

Assoc. Prof. Tolga DEMİRYOL

Tolga Demiryol received his doctoral degree at the University of Virginia in 2010. Between 2010 and 2012, he served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at University of New Haven. Since 2012, he is an Assistant Professor at Altınbaş University where he also currently chairs the Department of Political Science and Public Administation.

Dr. Demiryol's research spans across the fields of international relations and comparative politics. His most recent research focues on how competition over natural resources shapes international conflict and cooperation.

Dr. Demiryol was recently awarded a TUBITAK 3501 Young Researcher Career Development Grant for his project titled “Economic Interdependence, Conflict and Cooperation: A Comparative Study of the Role of Energy in Turkish Foreign Policy.”

You can find more about Dr. Demiryol's research at his personal website: