Group Art Psychotherapy

What is Art Psychotherapy?

Art Psychotherapy is a form of therapeutic technique that comprises creative modalities, including handicrafts, painting, music and dance/movement to help the individual increase awareness for the solution of problems and enhance mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Art Psychotherapy Workshops in Altınbaş University

  •          Art Psychotherapy Workshops held byAltınbaş University Counselling and Psychological Services are offered in fall and spring semesters depending on the number of applicants.
  •          Art Psychotherapy Workshops improve applicants’ individual developments and mental well-beings by helping them develop a sense of personal, emotional and relational awareness.
  •          Workshops are limited 8 to 10 persons so as to ensure effective and efficient outcomes.
  •          Before launching a workshop, Counselling and Psychological Services conducts pre-interviews with the applicants to identify their needs and evaluate whether the applicant is suitable for taking part in a therapeutic workshop.
  •          The design and planning of the workshop is carried out according to the academic calendar and workshop objectives. The applicants will be informed of the workshop duration before the launch.     
  •          Workshops activities will be held once a week on dates and times specified before the start of the workshop.
  •          The applicants are expected to attend each session regularly in order to help the workshop activities yield more efficient outcomes.   
  •          Art Therapy Workshops will include creative modalities (painting, collage, ceramic dough activities etc.) and occasional dance/movement activities.
  •          Applicants are not required to have artistic knowledge or professional art skills to take part in workshops. They are only expected to show enough eagerness for raising personal awareness through artistic activities.   
  •          All information provided by the applicant attending group workshops will be kept private and not be shared with any third party in accordance with the Counselling and Psychological Services’ CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY. Before the workshops written therapy contracts about confidentiality and some group rules are given to all participants so that they sign.

How to apply to Art Psychotherapy Workshops?

The start dates of the workshops will be shared with students and staff via email and University’s social media accounts. Once the workshops dates are released, you may contact the workshop coordinator, Clinical Psychologist Gizem Bodur Atalay to make a pre-interview appointment at with an email indicating your name/surname, student number, the academic program you attend, and a date and time that is convenient for you for the pre-interview.  

Some Sample Works from The Workshops: