Altınbaş University Health Services Unit

Altınbaş University Health Services Unit

 Located in all Altınbaş University campuses, Health Services Unit is open between 8.30am – 5.30pm. Full-time doctor and nurses employed in our unit offer a variety of services. Altınbaş University Health Services Unit is equipped with beds, stretcher and oxygen station. The Unit provides first and immediate medical aid for both staff and students who may suffer a sudden illness or injury during the day. Patients requiring observation and monitoring may be cared in the observation room, if deemed medically necessary. Blood pressure measurement, medical dressing, prescribed injections; the disabled, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are prioritized for medical services. We provide a daily blood glucose level measurement for diabetic patients. Special equipment is also available to provide first aid for injuries/illness associated with fall or faint.

 1) Mahmutbey Campus Infirmary

Located in Building A, ground floor.

Tel: (0 212) 604 01 00 Ext: 2206-2308

Doctor Mustafa GÜREŞ

Nurse Esma KEBECİ

 2) Bakırköy Campus Infirmary

Located on the ground floor

Tel: (0212 )709 45 28 Ext:5064

Nurse Neriman ÜSTÜNKAYA

3) Gayrettepe Campus Infirmary

Located on the first basement floor.

Tel: (0212) 373 59 00

Nurse Şeref BAŞKAN