Honor Scholarship:

Students enrolled in their regular programs and who have obtained a GPA greater than 3.50 out of 4.00 will be entitled an honor scholarship with the condition that they are registered to a full load. Students on OSYM Scholarship fulfilling the same conditions are entitled to this scholarship with similar percentages. Assessment for this scholarship is done at the beginning of each academic year. Students need not apply for the scholarship. The directorate of Health, Culture and Sports informs the students who are entitled to the scholarship. The conditions and the terms of the scholarship are indicated in the table below.

GPAAmount of Scholarship
First student in ranking The student is exempt of the total of the tuition fee
Second student in ranking The student is exempt of half of the tuition fee
Third student in ranking The student is exempt of one-quarter of the tuition fee

Sports and Art Scholarships:

Students who have obtained national or international degrees in arts and/or sports competitions and who are selected to represent the university in art and/or sports organizations are entitled to a scholarship whose amount is decided on by the Board of Trustees.

Other Scholarships and Supports

In addition to the scholarships mentioned above, Altınbaş University provides its students with various other scholarships and supports.