Undergraduate Admissions

If you have found the best program offered for you and meet the eligibility criteria, then you may follow the following steps and become an international student at IKBU; 

1)      Fill the online application form. Click Here.

2)      Send your supporting documents to


  • Copy of lycée/high school diploma or, if you are in your last year of secondary education, an official letter issued by the administration of the lycée/high school stating your status (For lycées/high schools abroad, an equivalence letter obtainable from the Ministry of Education of Turkey or local Turkish Embassy certifying the equivalency of the diploma to that of a Turkish high school will be required at registration).*
  • Official transcript of the high school courses and grades, sealed and approved by the administration of that lycée/high school.*
  • Copy of a national or international Examination Result accepted by Altınbaş University, if applicable.*
  • (examinations and diplomas)
  • Copy of an English proficiency test (minimum 80 points from TOEFL, FCE), if available. If you dont have exam results from any of the named Tests you can also take Altınbaş University English proficiency exam and if you recieve minimum of 70 points you will not have to study a year of English Proficiency. 

* The documents in languages other than English or Turkish must be translated and certified by the Turkish Consulate in the home country.

3)      Your application will be evaluated by the International Student Applications Evaluation Committee and if you are accepted for admission, an Offer Letter will be sent to your e-mail address within a month. 

4)      If you get an offer, you will be kindly asked to pay application or tuition fee directly to the below mentioned bank account: 

Bank name: Deniz Bank

Branch: İstanbul Kurumsal

Account Holder: Altınbaş University

Account no: 9681319-356

IBAN Number: TR38 0013 4000 0096 8131 9000 06


5)      When the payment is received, an acceptance letter will be sent in 2 weeks (please send the proof of payment via e-mail for fast processing)

6)      You need to apply for a student visa with the acceptance letter to the nearest Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Turkey

7)      Registration:

Admissions are handled by the Registrar’s Office (which is on floor -1 at Mahmutbey Campus) at Altınbaş University. Registration dates for international students are as follows; 

1st - 26th September 

8)      Documents required for registration (original versions are required): 

  • The original of High School diploma and its notarized Turkish or English translation.
  • High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate from the Turkish Higher Education Board (Can be obtained upon arrival and submitted later than registration).
  • The original of High School transcript and its notarized Turkish or English translation.
  • Certified copy of your passport
  • Tuition fee bank receipt
  • Copy of your student visa
  • 6 passport size photos 

Application Deadlines:

Early Application Deadline: End of March

Late Application Deadline: End of August