IKBU Mahmutbey Campus is not only designed for educational life, but also for hosting activities oriented to enrich social and cultural lives of students. In this respect, the campus has many facilities where international conferences, talks with professionals, concerts, festivals, exhibitions etc. can be held.

Library: The library of IKBU has a rich collection of boks and periodicals. IKBU provides the access to the  worldwide databases. It is moving rapidly in order to become a modern library supporting scientific and intellectual activities, and using the latest technology while providing service at international standards.

Health Center: Health center of IKBU serves during Office hours with a doctor, nurses and a fully equipped clinic at Mahmutbey campus.

Psychology Research and Application Center: The center provides psychological counseling service to adults, couples, children, adolescents and families. It also carries out training activities, clinical measurement and evaluation, group therapies, seminars as well as scientific research activities.

Sports Center and Stadium: IKBU offers many unique and exciting opportunities for students to participate in competitive team sports and stay physically fit at state-of-the-art, world-class training center.

Mahmutbey Campus

Mahmutbey Campus boasts state-of-the-art research and teaching facilities for the majority of academic subjects. The campus is also home to the Students’ Council, a well-equipped sports centre, catered, student guest house, a library, a conference hall as well as shops, a hairdresser, cafes and bank ATMs – in fact, everything you need for day-to-day student life.

Mahmutbey Campus includes following schools;

School Of Fine Arts and Design

School Of Law

School Of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

School Of Engineering And Natural Sciences

School Of Foreign Languages

Graduate School Of Science And Engineering

Bakırköy Campus

Bakırköy Campus Includes Following Schools;

School Of Medicine

School Of Pharmacy

School Of Dentistry

Graduate School Of Health Sciences

Vocational School Of Health Services

Şişli Campus

Şişli Campus Includes Following Schools;

Graduate School Of Social Sciences

Vocational Schools