Medium of instruction in the schools of Altınbaş University is as follows;

SchoolMedium of instruction
School of Economics and Administrative Sciences English
School of Engineering and Architecture English
School of Science and Letters English
School of Fine Arts and Design Turkish
School of Law 30% English - 70% Turkish
School of Pharmacy English
School of Medicine English

All the outgoing Erasmus students had to take a language test after their application in the language of instruction of the host university program.

The Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) are specialized courses in the less widely used and less taught languages organized in the countries where these languages are used as teaching languages at higher education institutions. The languages English, German, French and Spanish (Castilian) are not eligible for EILC.

As a part of the outgoing orientation program, our modern languages department prepares a short but intensive language preparation in German, French and Spanish, with the aim of preparing outgoing students for the mobility period abroad. Availability of the preparation program in those languages depends on the number of students who need and/or wish to take part each academic semester.

If a student plans to go to a country where EILC course is available, our international office helps them to apply for an EILC course.