1. Which educational year is the best choice for participating in Erasmus program? 
Recommended year is the third year for Erasmus program. You should apply for program during 2nd year. 
2. If I participate in an exchange program abroad, will my graduation be delayed?
Students can transfer their courses abroad based on their equivalence.

3. How well do I have to speak the language of the host country I will go to?
You do not need to speak the language of the country that you are going on Erasmus program. Most of the universities’ courses will be in English for you. In addition to these it is possible to learn or improve the language of host country in Erasmus program.

4. Is it possible to choose the host university?
You may list your preferences. Student Selection Committee will consider their preferences.

5. What is the financial cost of an exchange program?
Some financial support from families is necessary to participate in study abroad programs. Some countries are more expensive than others. Student advisors at the Erasmus Office may council students on living expenses in various countries. Remember that with Erasmus programs, students may receive mobility grants to meet around half of the monthly living expenses.

6. How do I get a student visa?
You should apply for student visa yourself. If necessary, Erasmus Office will provide documents that you need for application.

7. Is it necessary to have a health insurance to participating in Erasmus program? 
You should buy health insurance before your departure to the host country.

8. Is the host university in charge of providing me accommodation? 
No, but most of the universities that are participating in Erasmus program offer you dorm rooms for accommodation. You should apply them before deadline or you can contact with the international office for information about off-campus housing.

9. What documents are necessary before I go abroad for my exchange period?
You need to submit the following documents to the Student Affairs Office
1. A copy of Learning Agreement
2. Course Equivalence Form 
3. Exchange Permission Form
4.  A copy of Acceptance letter
You need to submit the following documents have to the Erasmus Office
1. An original Learning Agreement
2. Student Contract (only Erasmus students receiving mobility grants)

10. May I extend my study program?
Erasmus students cannot extend their exchange programs.

11. How will the grades I will get during my exchange affect my GPA? 
Successfully completed courses during exchange will be transferred to your main school with the letter grade "P" for "pass". Grades will not be transferred and will not affect the GPA.

12. What documents are necessary to bring back to Altınbaş University when I return?
Three documents must be submitted to Altınbaş units;
1. Official transcript to Student Affairs and a copy to Erasmus Office 
2. Original Learning Agreement to Student Affairs and Erasmus Office
3. Certificate of Participation to Erasmus Office