Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS)

(As given in the application for Erasmus Extended University Charter 2007-2013)

Altınbaş University is a newly established university in Turkey to admit its first students in the 2011- 2012 academic year. It is a non-profit foundation university founded by the Mehmet Altinbas Education and Culture Foundation. The medium of instruction is English at Altınbaş University for most of the programmes.Altınbaş University aims to be an internationally recognized research university that offers high-quality education of international standards. The objective of the university is to equip its students with knowledge, skills and competences for them to flourish within a global society, by fostering a culture of excellence and respect for other cultures and ideas. The university aims to create an intercultural learning environment for its students to facilitate intercultural encounters.

Altınbaş University has a strong commitment to internationalization at home and abroad. It is also reflected by its strategy to admit international degree students and to promote international mobility for its students and staff. It aims to provide its students with opportunities for placements and internships abroad as part of its academic programs.

The Erasmus Programme perfectly coincides with the university’s internationalization strategy. The Erasmus Programme will help the university to achieve its aims of facilitating student and staff mobility, providing opportunities for placements in Europe as well as taking part in multilateral networks/projects together with reputable European universities.

Altınbaş University aims to include its students at all levels in international cooperation and exchange as well as promoting staff mobility. We set the target that, by 2015, at least 20% of our students will join a mobility programme. Additionally, all the necessary measures will be taken to assure the quality of mobility activities. Another objective of the university is to receive incoming students at least at the number of outgoing students by the year 2015.

Altınbaş University aims to take part in all the activities under the Erasmus Programme. Emphasis will be given to establish extensive cooperation with European universities and to sign bilateral agreements for further academic partnerships. Efforts will be made to develop and implement Multilateral Projects and Intensive Programmes jointly with reputable European Universities. We aim to develop at least three Project proposals under the Erasmus Program by 2015.

Altınbaş University has staff experienced in the area of internationalization in general and in European projects in particular. With this experience, Altınbaş University will support the pursuit of all activities under the LLP programme. A European dimension is aimed to be incorporated into the curriculum by participating in the programmes under the LLP scheme and other EU programmes such as The Erasmus-Mundus Programme.