Ects and Credit Allocation

ECTS makes study programmes easy to read and compare for all students, local and international. It facilitates the academic recognition of the study period abroad through the transfer of credits. ECTS raises the university’s profile as a transparent and reliable partner in European and international cooperation. 

All study programmes at Altınbaş University are measured in terms of ECTS credits.  All courses have a number of credits allocated reflecting the time that an average student will need to attend the course and finish it.  The credit is the total of all study activities for one course: lectures, seminars, practicals, study time, preparation for examinations, writing essays, etc..  One credit stands for 25 to 30 hours of total study time. A full-time one-year study programme amounts to 60 credits (30 credits per semester), which comprises a student workload of about 1500 to 1800. Individual student can differ from this standard according to their capacities, skills, foreknowledge, efforts.

The Learning Agreement contains the courses the exchange student is planning to take and the ECTS credits allocated to these courses. It is drawn up for one semester or a full academic year.  It has to be signed by the student, the home and host institution before the exchange period starts. It is designed to guarantee admission/acceptance at the host institution and full recognition of the courses listed at the home institution. When upon arrival at the host university changes in the study programme occur, the L.A. should be updated accordingly.

The Transcript of Records shows the list of the courses taken, the number of ECTS credits obtained and the grades awarded. At the end of the study period in our university a Transcript of Records of the mobility period will be issued by the relevant department or school of Altınbaş University.

The Learning Agreement is an important document and is part of the application procedure by the exchange student. You will not be accepted as an exchange student at Altınbaş University without a signed Learning Agreement before the start of your exchange period.