Message From The Director

Dear Students and Parents,

Altınbaş University Vocational High School was founded as an important social and educational responsibility project of Altınbaş Holding. Our aim is to supply our country with “technician staff” through our training activities. “Success in practice”, just like our Chairman of the Board of Trustees Ali Altınbaş said, is the most important statement to be pronounced at an educational establishment.

That is why, our mission is to become a solution-finding university which updates itself in accordance with the needs of the World and Turkey, which puts practice and learners in the centre, which leans to innovation, which provides free-search and free-search-environment and which provides genuine contributions with its sense of responsibility.

In globalizing world, a vocational training pattern in which theory is supported with practice is in the foreground. Starting off through a training pattern in which theory is supported with practice, we support students not only with theoretical lessons but also with internship through our collaboration with industry and business world.

Our aim is to help our students decide what to do just after their graduation: they may immediately begin to work, they may go on their undergraduate education or they may go on their education by getting their graduation certificate in another country of the world. 

Our vocational high school has been training personnel for technical sectors like health, justice, jewelry design, graphic design, occupational health and safety, social service, child development and service sectors like computer programming, management and foreign trade. Moreover, “Civil Aviation Management Programme”, “Civil Aviation and Cabin Services Programme” and “Dispatcher Training Programme” are among our vocational high school programmes for the students who take interest in aviation industry and want to work at civil aviation industry. With our “Child Protection and Care Programme” that is going to start next year, we aim to train experts who are going to serve for protection and care of children who are under legal protection in several institutions, and with our “Cooking Programme” that is also going to start next year, we aim to train staff who are going to perform cooking in the whole world.

Altınbaş University Vocational High School has been moving fast since 2013 when it first started education and it has been supporting “education” mission of Altınbaş Foundation with its new programmes, its leading expert academicians and its students since then. Our Vocational High School will be going on education in our new, modern building at Mahmutbey Campus with formal and evening training in 2017-2018 academic year.

In our way through which we believe education is not filling the brain but developing oneself, our door is wide-open for you, our dearest students, who want to enter business world immediately as an expert.


Assoc. Prof. Yasa EKŞİOĞLU ÖZOK

Head of Vocational High School