Law Office Management and Secretary

Law secretaries are qualified persons who organise the daily work, prepare the document, allow the internal and external communication in the office, who are capable of doing filing and archiving services with unique legal concepts and termsand whohave the knowledge and skills to organise meetings and travels for the people who work in the law departments of various institutions and organizations in the public and private sector. This profession which has arisen from the needs of qualified office staff in law units will satisfy the need for indispensable intermediate staff in this field.

Hence, the purpose of Law Office Management and Secretarial Program is to educate dedicated, qualified staffs, who know the necessary legal terms and phrases in the legal sector, have a command of legal concepts, who can provide the communication and organisations both within the office and outside the office and who can communicate, make efficient and fluent presentations, who are capable of correspondence using Office programs on the computer, who know how to do filing and archiving, who can create the content of a business letter appropriate to the institution, who can speak Turkish fluently, have the ability to represent, monitor the litigation services and legal filing system.

Altınbaş University Law Office Management and Secretarial Program which supports theoretical infrastructure of the students who have decided to choose thisself-sacrificing profession also prepares themto their professional lives in the most effective manner with practical courses and obligatory internships.

Head of Law Office Management and Secretarial Program

Dr. Zeynep Ayfer BOZAT