Vision & Mission Statements


Between public and private universities that consistently higher level of undergraduate education in Turkey is to capture a certain level of recognition in the field taking place in the front row. Graduates as well as the main elements brought into the intermediate element in the private sector in Turkey, ensure that every moment is a vision of wanted members of our department. In addition, our students by making incentives for vertical transfer to four-year colleges and readings, the show also received training in 4-year colleges is one of our goals to prove ourselves



The students hand tools,soldering, melting, centrifugal casting, preparation of models, shaping, merge, rolling, polishing, acid motifs preparation, surface treatment, jewelry design technical drawing, artistic drawing, jewelry in the three-dimensional computer drawings,   rock analysis and treatment also gain knowledge and skills related to production. In this context, students with jewelry, jewelry design, in a gemological, it will be given theoretical and practical education