Undergraduate Program


Educational objectives  of the program;

  1.       The program provides to  learn to saw, file, solder, grind, polish and finish metals including copper, brass, silver. You learn all aspects of jewellery making – sawing, filing, soldering, casting, forging and decorative metal techniques such as inlay, filigree and chasing, as well as the particulars of working with silver, gold and platinum.
  2.       To Merge jewelery as one of the leading craft thoughout our culture with today's technology and our cultural heritage's esthetic phenomenon
  3.       To regonize the mechanical and chemical materials used in the field and gain skills to be able to use them in the production process.
  4.       The development of completence to access information, searching resources and using these resources.
  5.       To gain professional requirements to respond the needs of the technical staff in the jewellery industry.
  6.       To be able to follow dynamic technological developments due to the rapidly growing market and competitive conditions in the global level.
  7.       Lifelong learning ,always be investigated to date information
  8.       To be able to communicate the orders and directives received from the management to the lower levels clearly.
  9.       To train qulified, social, knoeledgeable personel who comply with the ethical principles required of the profession



Program Compentencies are as follows


  1.       Programs related knowledge, skills, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of creativity will win 5th level for academic and professional qualifications.
  2.       To make applications related to mathematics in the profession,
  3.       Manage the business. Worked with the company's organizational structure, authority to assume responsibility, to comply with environmental and human health protection rules
  4.       Comply with professional ethics and establish good contact with people
  5.       Using computational facilities to improve themselves,
  6.       Implement quality assurance and standards,
  7.       Jewellery able to do the basic process to prepare a prototype Metal
  8.       To apply surface decoration techniques that are used in jewelry,
  9.       To prepare prototypes using wax molds and can learn the lost wax casting technique
  10.   Basic art education, pattern and form to make preparations for taking composition lessons of the course and be able to design custom jewelry design into people. To do well design and production using different materials
  11.   Designing and producing jewelry on a specified topic and to be able to Create Collections Collections presentation
  12.   Research and evaluation / monitoring and to prepare to make a project on vocational subjects given him.
  13.   Improve the overall culture by researching the history of art and jewelry to have information about the history of art.
  14.   By examining the gem stones have information about stones.
  15.   Stone Carving Jewelry able to do, and to be able to move Cabochon gem cutting bevel.
  16.   Jewelry economy moving, to have information about the exploration and mining.
  17.   Attach a picture to draw the technical and computer-aided design to make jewelry.
  18.   Having information about Jewellery chemistry.