Undergraduate Program


1)       Ability to meet the requirements of being professionals in the healthcare management

2)       Ability to follow and interpret healthcare policies

3)       Ability to analyses financial tables of healthcare organizations and develop new strategies

4)       Ability to increase efficiency by planning human resources

5)       Ability to utilize information Technologies adequately in healthcare services

6)       Ability to provide the feasibility of the occupational health and safety rules and regulations in healthcare

7)       To be honest, ethical and to have a sense of social responsibility and active citizenship and to appreciate these values

8)       Ability to implement total quality management manners in healthcare

9)       Ability to be knowledgeable on medical devices and materials and to be able to decide efficiently on their purchase



1)      Program gives basic information about general concepts of health management

2)      Describes the total quality management processes used in health management.

3)      Executes business functions in health managements such as (management, organization, public relations, human resources, cost accounting, marketing) at a basic level by using relevant techniques and methods

4)      Program includes main information about medical terminology and diseases

5)      Program involves information about medical registration, documentation and archiving.

6)      Reviews and evaluates data which is acquired from the basic level of knowledge and skills of medical documentation. Get responsibility for solution of planned studies.

7)      Knows software programs used in the field of health management

8)      Controls and implements Total quality management process

9)      Takes responsibility for the execution of complex and unpredictable operation as a leader in the health management field.

10)    Has the ability to evaluate and compare with health planning system, policy and recognize the factors.

11)    Has enough the knowledge of accounting, business administration, law and financial management in order to evaluate economic and administrative aspects of health sector.

12)    Shares ideas and suggestions for solution to problems in writing or verbally to an expert and non-expert people

13)    Pays attention to patient health and safety and is aware of the legal consequences of applications in this field.

14)    Uses databases and other information resources by doing resource research related to the field.

15)    Act in accordance with scientific, cultural and ethical values by collecting, interpreting and implementing of data

16)    Have advance knowledge and benefit from human resources issues such as career choice, performance evaluation, remuneration practices in the public and private sector