Undergraduate Program



  1.          Design the ability to analyze the problem and develop solutions
  2.          Field research on issues related to information on the operation and colleagues can transfer ability
  3.          To have the interdisciplinary study skills
  4.          Artistic, cultural, and aesthetic development impacts, evaluate products through contemporary art and design skills
  5.          Decision, implementation and use of information obtained on the field by their behavior to interpret the data, to analyze, to bring the ability to identify problems and solutions
  6.          The knowledge and skills critical evaluation skills
  7.          At the level required by the field of informatics and computer software to use information and communications technologies
  8.          Ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders in the professional field
  9.          Organization / Institution, work and ability to act in accordance with social ethics
  10.       Monitors information in the field using a foreign language and to communicate with colleagues
  11.       The universality of social rights, social justice, quality and cultural values, environmental protection, be able to have enough awareness of occupational health and safety issues.




  1.       Ability to use art and design details when designing a product or process. Evaluate the knowledge and skills to be able to use effectively and professional production.
  2.       Be able to analyze and develop solutions to design problems.
  3.       Space-related research and be able to work.
  4.       Must be able to multi-disciplinary study skills.
  5.       To understand it requires constant learning needs must be able to obtain the habit of self-development.
  6.       Won able to transfer knowledge and skills to work process.
  7.       Be able to acquire the habits necessary to communicate in the workplace.
  8.       To have the ability to use the technology.
  9.       ethical values, be able to have a sense of responsibility for the ideas and works of art.
  10.   Ability to communicate effectively, to review the relationship and harmonious conduct.
  11.   To follow innovations and developments in the field and be able to be able to have the ability to give support.
  12.   To develop a constructive critical approach to productivity.
  13.   To have an awareness about the social and cultural values ​​in the design analysis.
  14.   Ability to use environmentally friendly materials in the design problem solving.
  15.   Original, creative and functional design approach to reveal.
  16.   Through the program can detect the problems faced by business, analyze and develop solutions.
  17.   professional performance and relationships in the context of the entire process (design-printing-presentation) for individual and develop professional strategies and plans.
  18.   To have knowledge and skills to use visual communication tools as professional.
  19.   Systematic thinking skills and gain the ability to transfer ideas.