Undergraduate Program



Program competencies are as follows:

  1.       Controls of Foreign Trade Legislation
  2.       Controls of Customs Regulations.
  3.       Has theoretical knowledge about foreign trade transactions.
  4.       Can conclusions by analyzing information about foreign trade.
  5.       Follows innovation, interpret and apply them.
  6.       Has knowledge economy is to follow the general economy in his business and private life.
  7.       Recognize the documents used in foreign trade and can make operational processes.
  8.       Can use information technology tools and computer programs used for foreign trade.
  9.       In the basic principles of accounting and business accounting practices used at least be able to use the SME level, be able to function in accordance with the appropriate regulatory framework.
  10.   Can use this information as a basic logistics knowledge in the international arena.
  11.   Can make banking related to foreign trade, foreign exchange transactions and make the legal proceedings.
  12.   Can speak English at a sufficient level, can correspond and make conversations necessary in foreign trade.
  13.   Knows the principles of marketing, has the ability to expand into the international markets and can earn the new marketing and sales techniques, suitable for SME level
  14.   Has sufficient knowledge about foreign trade financing to apply for companies at SME level when it is necessary.
  15.   Has sufficient knowledge about basic and international law, in order to solve simple problems occur during foreign trade operations
  16.   Can identify and analyse the organizations in the establishments in business life by using the knowledge of business administration at basic level.
  17.   Can use the theoretical information in models and applications. Has the ability to do all foreign trade operations.
  18.   Has the ability to comply with professional ethics, by considering the written and nuncupative rules.
  19.   Can express him/herself orally and in writing, in accordance with the requirements of business life.
  20.   Has the ability to organize, manage or to be a member of a team.
  21.   Participates in activities by following developments related to international trade and thus improve the business environment.


Program educational goals are as follows:


  1.       Recognizing the fundamental features of economic life and the business world, and the ability to track and analyze them.
  2.       To know and interpret ability the structure and functioning of the overall economy.
  3.       Ability to perform their professional career both in foreign trade,
  4.       To open up the international market, to apply the new marketing and sales techniques
  5.       To follow all the banking and foreign exchange transactions related to foreign trade skills,
  6.       Economy, business, and law Using knowledge learned national or international companies to achieve the necessary competence.
  7.       To provide the necessary harmony rapidly evolving global circumstances and be able to follow the changes.
  8.       To providing they act as individuals after learning of the graduates in their lives.
  9.       To gained sufficient written and oral communication skills, all kinds of information technology and communications skills to use the organs.
  10.   To have integrity, professional ethics rules, active citizenship and social responsibility and have the ability to value these properties.