Message from the Head of the Department

Dr. Emir Kaan CENGİZ

A message from the head of the department


After 1980 the world began to search for a new era with new trends coming. New communication and transport facilities when making the world a global village, have reduced their time to people's basic needs. Unlike the information from the new generation of parents it has become more easy to reach. It gets harder to meet people than endless needs with limited resources, increased consumption; It has accelerated the pursuit of cheap raw materials and labor, production inputs. developments in the logistics sector has facilitated the transfer between countries of production factors and production inputs. This situation on the one hand and on the other hand cheap social life while maintaining high quality production has led to many changes. consumption patterns have changed over the abolishment of borders has increased the contribution of multinational manufacturing process.

Still not enough export trade balance caused the problem and that Turkey's goal to solve the other drawbacks to the problem is to be first country that net exports. These targets are as parallel with Turkey's official export target of $ 500 billion for 2023. But to achieve the goal will be equipped with professional foreign trade experts.

Altınbaş Vocational School of Foreign Trade department within the newly established professional careers to our students in four semesters preparation and adequate knowledge and skills to achieve Our main goal for this. Foreign trade programe; students' knowledge in the field, aims to educate the people who will make a difference in the hardware and communication skills. This objective way to collaborate with experienced professionals and organizations in the industry, current training and practice that we prepare will be a big plus and our differences. Students are trained in their field based and elective courses during their education.

Our graduates work areas; public institutions and organizations, all domestic and foreign businesses that constitute the subject of international trade. Economy or the Ministry of Trade Attache, Exporters' Union to a few people working with thousands of people from SMEs as companies work areas are spacious.

Our motto is' think global, local live!!!

Besides the local characteristics of a foreign trade expert:

Opinion: global,

Marketplace: all over the world,

Customers of all people,

Language: universal

Time: to be the world watches.

We must not forget that we have a long horizon and will be open in front of us ....


Dr. Emir Kaan CENGİZ

Head of Department of Foreign Trade