Undergraduate Program

  1.          The ability to satisfy the requirements of the child development as a profession (research, professional and personal development).
  2.          The knowledge about and the ability to follow the basic development and learning areas of children.
  3.          The ability to develop and use materials for normal children and those with a need for special care, taking into consideration their characteristics.
  4.          To be qualified on the main concepts of special education and inclusive education.
  5.          The ability to conduct activities and professional practices at preschool institutions.
  6.          The ability and knowledge about child literature and related media.
  7.          The ability to plan and conduct art, drama, play, music and animation activities.
  8.          The knowledge about child psychology and child diseases.
  9.          The ability to monitor children’s nutrition habits.
  10.      The ability to understand the relationship between society, family and the child, to communicate effectively and provide for family education.
  11.      The ability to provide for and protect children rights.
  12.      To be equipped with values like honesty, professional ethics, active citizenship and social responsibility.

The graduates of the Child Development program

  • Should be able to improve their personal and professional competence.
  • Should have knowledge on physical, psycho-motor, cognitive, social, emotional, moral development and language achievement of children.
  • Should be able to determine the needs and to apply effective learning techniques under teacher supervision.
  • Should be able to understand the needs of children requiring special care taking into consideration their psycho-motor, cognitive, communicative and academic characteristics.
  • Should be able to prepare materials for visually, hearing, physically handicapped and children with mental disabilities and children with specific learning abilities.
  • Should be able to plan, create and implement educative toys including puppets, musical instruments, costume and accessories which are aimed at preschoolers.
  • Should be able to conduct inclusive education, to perform practice in inclusive education institutions, and to organize activities according to their areas of development.
  • Should have knowledge about special education, about visually-impaired children, hearing impaired children, children with mental disabilities, gifted children and children with speech problems.
  • Should be able to implement programs in preschool institutions, to organize and implement recreational activities, language improving exercises, plays, bodily and musical activities.
  • Should be able to follow, evaluate and use child literature.
  • Should be able to organize and implement activities that develop creativity.
  • Should be able to plan and implement activities including drama, pantomime, role playing, and games with narrative base.
  • Should be able to develop games and implement playing activities based on child development.
  • Should be able to develop music concept in children and implement music based activities.
  • Should be able to organize and apply animation activities and analyze their effects according to their areas of application.
  • Should have knowledge on child diseases and be able to take precautions to maintain children’s health.
  • Should have knowledge about the development of personality, should recognize the behavioral disorders and their origin.
  • Should be able to follow and control balanced nutrition, should plan nutrition for children who have special conditions.
  • Should be able to conduct effective communication with children and their families.
  • Should be able to help teachers for organizing family educational activities for normal children and also for children having special needs.
  • Should be able to act as active citizens and possess the sense of social responsibility in their personal or professional endeavors.
  • Should follow the practices related to children rights and children protection, and be able to take precautions in order to prevent children abuse and children neglect.