Vision & Mission Statements


To train professionally qualified technicians who have respect for universal values, individuals who are respectful to participative and to form a modern education culture designed to the needs of the age, to provide our students with an education by European standards by educating enlightened, inquisitive and industrious students who have analytical thinking and who is sensitive to the problems of the country and world.



This program aims to train experienced surgery health staff that are be able to prepare and help to access any kinds of surgical material in operations and may also provide assistance to their surgical team in all kinds of operations.


1) The ability to make contribution to the professional knowledge base

2) The ability to develop the professional communication skills

3) The ability to create the ability to access the current information related to the program

4) The ability to gain the ability to communicate and exchange information with the counterparts in the field of practice of the profession in a healthy way

5) The ability to have a basic level of knowledge related to the field of health

6) The ability to be able to use technological products related to the field

7) The ability to gain the ability of  making decisions quickly and accurately related to the field

8) The ability to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in occupational safety

9) The ability to gain awareness of professional responsibility.