Undergraduate Program

1) The ability to make contribution to the professional knowledge base

2) The ability to develop the professional communication skills

3) The ability to create the ability to access the current information related to the program

4) The ability to gain the ability to communicate and exchange information with the counterparts in the field of practice of the profession in a healthy way

5) The ability to have a basic level of knowledge related to the field of health

6) The ability to be able to use technological products related to the field

7) The ability to gain the ability of  making decisions quickly and accurately related to the field

8) The ability to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in occupational safety

9) The ability to gain awareness of professional responsibility.

Students of Aneshesia Programme;


1) To prepare the patient and the material prior to general anesthesia

2) To make the necessary arrangements after taking the patient into the operating room

3) To help the implementation of general anesthesia to patients.

4) To help during maintenance of general anesthesia

5) To help medication and application of fluid and blood to patient

6) To implement nasogastric tube and aspiration to the patient

7) To learn control, use and maintenance of anesthesia device

8) To learn the preparation and use of assistive devices used in anesthesia

9) To learn general and local anesthesia drugs and their safe practices

10) To learn the application of cardiopulmonary resuscitation

11) To help regional anesthesia practices

12) To have information on the implementation of the system diseases anesthesia

13) To have health field, social responsibility, ethical values and social security rights knowledge and awareness.

14) To have basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology

15) To have knowledge of first aid practices

16) To have knowledge about ethical and moral values

17) To have knowledge about the establishment of communication

18) To have knowledge about Information communication technology

19) To help anesthesia and sedation practices outside the operating room

20) To be able to be contemporary individuals who have knowledge of grammar and language skills and the level of foreign language that wil enable her/him to follow professional developments