Vision & Mission Statements


To educate and train pharmacists who perform pharmacy practices with the guidance of scientific evidence, by taking into account the physcial, social and mental adaptation of the person; take part in all steps of researching, developing, producing, quality assurance and control, marketing of a pharmaceutical product / raw materials; produce services by assuming pharmacy assignments with the stakeholders that will affect public health; act in the framework of the rules of law and ethics in their professional career; develope their own knowledge and presenting their profession in current evidences; produce evidence and share it in scientific platforms, when necessary.

Mission Statements

To educate eight star pharmacists who are patient-oriented in universal standards, can provide pharmacy services that is evidence-based and compatible with scientific principles, take responsibility from the production of the drug to reach the patient and in the stages of pharmaceutical care, contribute to the scientific world by conducting high quality research; to serve to the science world and to the development of the society in the field of health through original research and social responsibility studies aimed at innovation.



The Strategic Plan of Altınbaş University School of Pharmacy