Undergraduate Program

The mission of Istanbul Kemerburgaz University School of Pharmacy is to educate pharmacists who

  • Aim to improve the public health and the life quality,
  • Have the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills about investigation, preparation, testing, storage, protection, presentation to the patients, accurate usage and the adverse effects of the pharmaceutical compounds,
  • Are able to provide service to the other health care providers and the patients,
  • Contribute to drug prescription and follow-up the treatment,
  • Have effective communication skills,
  • Are investigative,  lifelong learner and ethic,
  • Have social and universal qualifications.

  • To possess critical thinking, speaking and writing abilities.
  • To practice her job according to the existing laws and the regulations.
  • To adhere to ethical and deontological principles.
  • To take initiative.
  • To participate to the research, the development and the production of natural, synthetic or biologic pharmaceutical active substances and excipients.
  • To take necessary precautions for safe drug usage and to encourage rational drug usage.
  • To follow the developments in the field using her foreign language skills.