Message From The Dean

Prof. Dr.<br />Mehmet TANOL<br />Dean of the School of PharmacyThe profession of pharmacy whose history is as old as humanity has evolved rapidly in the last 25 years. Pharmacy is no more just preparing and providing drugs but has become a profession contributing to different areas of health service and drug research. Pharmacists of today can open their pharmacies as well as work in drug and cosmetics industry or hospitals, research institutes, analysis laboratories, and related units of agriculture and health ministries.

Currently, pharmacists assume an important and respectable role in the society by creating awareness in the consumers on public health issues and the use of pharmaceutical products, by giving advice to health professionals, by assuring correct use of the drugs by establishing links between doctors and patients.

The main objective of our program is to train pharmacists who will defend the honor of the profession in all conditions, carrying the responsibility of health service, closely following scientific and technological developments in the field, capable of responding to the needs of the health sector and of adapting themselves rapidly to changing conditions.