Learning Outcomes & Educational Objectives Matrix

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1 comprehends the concepts and institutions of various legal disciplines and also understands the relationships in between these concepts and institutions.   X X X X  
2 is informed of the recent legislation on all fields of law, judgments of the judicial organs and related scientific assessments.   X X X X X
3 takes responsibility both as an individual and as a member of the team to create solutions on the complex and unforeseeable problems of law which arise in practice. X X X X    
4 identifies and creates solutions to the legal problems with reference to legislation texts, judicial decisions and scientific resources.   X X X X  
5 examines, comments and evaluates all legislation texts, judicial decisions and scientific resources by using the methods of law methodology. X X X   X  
6 plans and manages activities relating to his talents and education on a project basis. X     X    
7 follows and evaluates all recent developments in law both in theoretical and practical context.   X X X X  
8 assesses all legislation texts, judicial decisions and scientific resources with a critical approach in the light of the gained knowledge and skills. X X     X  
9 will be open to a life time education by improving his self-criticism talent. X X   X X  
10 gains the necessary skills to express his ideas and solutions on a specific subject of law by exchanging information with other people or institutions.       X X X
11 takes place in professional and social activities with a sense of responsibility, also plans and applies these activities. X     X   X
12 follows the legal developments on the universal basis and communicates with colleagues by using a foreign language at least at European Language Portfolio B1 General Level.   X X X X X
13 uses the computer software which is required in the field of law at least at the European Computer Usage License Advanced Level and also uses other computer and communication technologies.         X X
14 works for the adoption of a democratic, secular and social law order on the basis of human rights. X X     X  
15 has the fairness, sense of justice and moral values which are necessary to be a qualified lawyer.   X     X