Course Descriptions




HUK   101       General History of Law and Roman Law            

Histories and foundations of prevailing legal systems, institutions of Turkish legal system that are based on Roman Law with particular regard to Roman Law of property and obligations.

HUK   104      Law and Literature

Evaluation of legal and literary texts together and improving the aesthetical point of view with inspiration of literary arts.

HUK   112       Constitutional Law I           

Establishment and functions of state, relations between the state and its entities, fundamental rights and freedoms, and constitutional judiciary.

HUK   114       Law of Elections and Political Parties

Examination of the contemporary system of elections and political parties, which are critical for modern democracies; the functions of the political parties, related legal texts and judicial decisions.

HUK   121       Civil Law I

Sub-branches of private law, application and creation of law by judges, good faith and fair dealing, birth and expiration of personality, capacity to have rights and capacity to act, personal rights and ways to protect personality and legal persons.  

HUK   122      Civil Law II

Engagement, marriage, divorce, division of marital property, guardianship, adoption, alimony.

HUK 131     Theory of State

The concepts of sovereignty, secularization process in late medieval times and social contract theories.

HUK   191       Basic Concepts of Law       

Definition of Law, the importance of law in social life, comparison between rules of law and other rules regulating social life, classification the branches of law, types of legal rules, interpretation and application of legal rules and Turkish court system.

HUK   192      Comparative Legal Systems          

Prevailing legal systems with particular regard to European legal systems and Common Law systems, foundations of comparative law and their functioning in practice.

HUK 203       Legal Methodology             

The course bases on the logical analysis of legal norms, the difference of legal norms from other norms, the relationship between logic of science and science of law and its application in the practice of law. In the same context, general methodological problems in the social sciences will be discussed in a separate heading, apart from the position of legal science in the social sciences will also be examined.

HUK   204      Human Rights        

Legal texts that aim to protect the human rights in international level, European Court of Human Rights and its jurisprudence.

HUK   205      History of Political Thoughts       

Political theories, political organizations, political, social and economical environments that gave birth to prevailing political thoughts, problems of political society and attempts to overcome these problems.

HUK   207   Public Finance          

Description and history of finance, public expenditures, public goods and services, budget, taxation and other financial instruments, as well as efficiency and productivity of public spending in contemporary world.

HUK   213      Constitutional Law II         

Establishment and functions of state, relations between the state and its entities fundamental rights and freedoms and constitutional judiciary. Prerequisite: Law 112.

HUK   223      Law of Obligations General Provisions I            

Basic principles of the law of obligations, contracts, unjust enrichment, tort liability.

HUK   224      Law of Obligations General Provisions II           

Fulfilment, non-performance, termination/expiration of legal obligations.

HUK   225      Child Law     

United Nations Convention on Children’s Rights, European Convention on Children Rights, child protection in Turkish Law, Child Protection Act and applications at juvenile courts.

HUK   226      Division of Matrimonial Property            

Property regimes that apply between spouses, matrimonial property, the right to management on the property of spouses, termination of property regimes, provisions about “regime of participation in acquired property" which is the legal property regime; court decisions and rules for dissolve of property regimes. Prerequisite: Law 122.

HUK   234      Administrative Law            

The structure of the Turkish administrative organizations and the constitutional principles of administrative Law, which regulate state-individual relations.

HUK   243      Criminal Law General Provisions I          

Basic concepts of criminal law, general theory of crime, the principle of legality as the assurance function of criminal law, analysis of crime by separating into its elements.

HUK   244      Criminal Law General Provisions II            

The theory of sanction, which identifies the type, nature, conditions and consequences of a sanction which has to be exercised to a committed crime.

HUK   246      Criminology 

Criminological research methods, the theories on the reasons of criminality.

HUK   264      Mediation        

In order to resolve legal disputes between the persons, the discussion on systematic techniques, interviewing and negotiation methods for the parties to understand each other and to provide the mediation as an alternative way for resolution out of the court system.

HUK   305      Sports Law    

Structures, functions and main rules of the sports federations, the function of the sport related institutions in the light of the practice.

HUK   306      Philosophy and Sociology of Law

Influences of natural law, positive law, realist law thoughts on contemporary law. Influence of social factors in the emergence of legal rules, their application and their abolition, case studies and discussion on most recent issues.

HUK   322      Consumer Law        

Consumers’ rights under the Consumer Protection Act, consumer courts and arbitration tribunals and case study. Prerequisites: Law 224.

HUK   323      Information Technology Law       

The legal problems that arise due to the rapid developments in the field of information technologies, the resolution ways to those legal problems.

HUK   324      Medical Law            

Legal grounds of public and private health institutions’ operations, rights of patients, malpractice and informed consent.

HUK   325      Property Law I         

Basic principles of property law, real rights on movable properties

HUK   326      Property Law II       

Real rights and limited real rights on immovable properties, hypothec, functions of land registration, commonhold.

HUK   328      Law of Obligations Special Provisions    

Types of contracts, validity and characteristics of contracts. Prerequisites: Law 223, Law 224.

HUK   335      Administrative Jurisdiction Law  

Public service, Law enforcement activities, public goods, their legal status and their difference from other kinds of goods, administrative courts and judicial proceedings.         

HUK 336     General Tax Law

In this class, legal dimensions and constitutional principles of taxation, its place in the general legal system, taxation transactions and essential features of tax crimes and punishments will be told.

HUK   337      Environmental Law

The rules and principles on international and national law connected to environmental protection; environmental rights; the forms of recognition and regulation of environmental rights and the guaranties of that right.

HUK   338      Media Law   

Principles and rules of international Law and the Turkish Law related with written, audio / visual and electronic media, international conventions regulating the activities of media, constitutional principles and legal regulations.

HUK   345      Criminal Law Special Provisions  

Certain types of crimes that are designed in Turkish Penal Code and in other specific criminal legislations. Prerequisites: Law 243, Law 244.

HUK   346     Zoning Law      

Zoning Act and other texts that relate to Zoning law, zoning plans and public dispositions related to zoning plans.

HUK   354      Energy Law  

Rules regulating energy sector, functioning of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority and its regulations.

HUK   355      Commercial Business Law I         

Trading parties, enterprise, negotiable instruments, trade practices with particular regard to the provisions of the new Commercial Code.

HUK   356      Corporate Law II     

Commercial partnerships, trade practices with particular regard to the provisions of the new Commercial Code.

HUK   365      Civil Procedure Law I                                                                            

Civil court procedure conditions for actions, types of actions, capacity to sue, competence and jurisdiction of courts, rights and obligations of defendant and claimant, recuse of the judge.

HUK   366      Civil Procedure Law II                                                                          

Replication, duplication, complaint, submission of evidence, amendment of pleading.

HUK   375      German Private Law         

The concept and basic principles of the German Private Law based on the German Civil Code (BGB) and German legal terminology.

HUK   402   Attorneyship Law

Profession of Attorneyship, conditions for qualification to attorneyship profession, attorneys’ situation in the judicial system, rights and obligations of attorneys and attorney-client relation; business non-suitable with legal practice and exceptions, TBB code of ethics for lawyers, Basic Principles on the Role of lawyers (UN Havana Rules), UN Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct.

HUK 404    Occupational Ethics

In this course legal occupational principles and arrangements which are determined in certain acts will be stated and by discussing with students the similarities and differences between law and ethics the connection between these two concepts will be tried to establish.

HUK   408      Special Tax Law      

Taxes arising from income , wealth and expenditure and the applicable laws to these fields

HUK 411    Individual Applications to the Constitutional Court

Comparative history of individual applications to the Constitutional Court. The subject and scope of individual applications in Turkey The comparison by individual application to the European Court of Human Rights Constitutional and legal limits Application procedures and conditions. Examples of individual application decisions and results.

HUK   423   Assurance Law           

Types of contracts that are frequently used in practice, such as guarantee contracts which are regulated by the Code of Obligations.

HUK   424    Inheritance Law          

Rights of heritors in the frame of the Civil Code, the notion of inheritance, courtesy, testament, testamentary disposition, action for reduction, liability of heritors and division of heritage.

HUK   425      Construction and Real Estate Law           

The basic concepts of construction Law; construction contracts; applicable provisions at private and public law; problematic issues in practice.

HUK   426      Forensic Science     

New techniques and methods which aid to the struggle against the crime, basic knowledge on medical science.

HUK   428     Civil Law Practice Studies 

Analysis of compulsory civil Law topics which students have studied during four years in law school (law of persons, family law, law of property, law of obligations, inheritance law) and analysis of courts and higher court decisions.

HUK 438     International Tax Law

In this class, main features of taxation of aliens’ revenue in Turkey (internal taxation) with taxation of Turkish citizen’s revenue in abroad (external taxation) and tax contracts will be examined.

HUK   446      Penitentiary Law     

The sanctions as a result of conviction, criminal fines and penalties for aggravated life and life imprisonment, other security measures in accordance with the relevant legislation, probation system.

HUK   447      Criminal Procedure Law I

The fundamental principles of criminal procedure law, the actors of criminal procedure and in particularly the criminal proceedings at the stage of investigation.  

HUK   448      Criminal Procedure Law II           

The stage of prosecution and legal remedies.

HUK   449      International Criminal Law           

International criminal justice, Rome Statute, international criminal court, the duties and jurisdiction of the court, international crimes.

HUK   451      Maritime Law          

Legal issues relating to carriage of goods by sea, ship registery, ship ownership, bottomry, charter party, collision.

HUK   452      Law of Commercial Papers           

Law of negotiable instruments, general principles, theories on promissory notes and practical issues will be examined in detail. Discussion on resolution of legal problems in this field, while aiming to provide the ability to resolve problems by the students.

HUK   453      Capital Market Law            

Regulations regarding capital markets, with particular regard to capital market law, functioning of open joint stock companies, going public process, minority rights. Prerequisites: Huk 355, Huk 356.

HUK   456 Banking Law    

Principles that regard establishment, functioning and ending of banking activities that are indispensable for commercial life. Prerequisites: Law 355, Law 356.

HUK   458      Insurance Law         

Definition, formation, content, types of insurance contract according to the new Commercial Code, mutual rights and duties of insurer and insured.

HUK   459      Transportation Law

Legal principles regarding carriage by sea, land and air, relevant international conventions, relevant provisions of the new Commercial Code.

HUK   467      Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law              

The procedures for enforcement of the court decisions, execution proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings in accordance with the Bankruptcy Act, concordat, bankruptcy cases, liquidation and restructuring of the companies.

HUK   477      Private International Law I

Rules regulating the status of foreigners and principles of nationality Law in the light of the Law of Foreigners, Citizenship Law and court decisions.

HUK   478      Private International Law II             

General principles of private international law, Turkish system of conflict of laws and international civil procedure law in the light of International Private and Civil Procedure Law.

HUK   487      Labor and Social Security Law I   

Principles of labor contracts, conflict resolutions, reciprocal rights and obligations of the employer and the employee with particular regard to problems that regard termination of labor contracts.

HUK   488      Labor and Social Security Law II      

Collective labor contract, union rights, principles relating to the use of right to strike and lock-out. Principles governing social security institutions and arise and use of social security rights.




LAW   193      Legal Terminology (Eng)

Legal terminology in English by means of legal texts.

LAW   273      International Law I (Eng)  

The basic concepts of international law, such as state, international organizations, international treaties and customary law.

LAW   274      International Law II (Eng)

Main international law texts, main international organizations such as International Criminal Court and United Nations.

LAW   351      Competition Law (Eng)     

Provisions of the law Regarding the Protection of Competition, functioning of the Competition Authority, principles of competition and antitrust law in the light of case studies from EU and USA.

LAW 352     Intellectual Property Law (Eng)        

Basic legal framework on the protection of the intellectual property, copyright and related rights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs and utility models.

LAW   361      Moot Court I (Eng) 

Drafting complaint/claim and answer /reply petitions on a given case and mooting the case as plaintiff, respondent and judges.

LAW   362      Moot Court II (Eng)           

Drafting complaint/claim and answer /reply petitions on a given case and mooting the case as plaintiff, respondent and judges.

LAW   394      Foreign Investment Law (Eng)    

International principles in foreign investment Law, protection of foreign investor and investment, international conventions, expropriation and standards of treatment, settlement of foreign investment disputes, related national regulations, application of international agreements regarding to protection and encouragement of foreign investment in Turkey.

LAW   395      Introduction to US Law and Methodologies (Eng)

Introduction to US Law and methodologies; sources of law and legal writing; Federal Court structure, separation of powers; analysis of case law and statutory authority; judicial structure; the doctrine of stare decisis; legal research and writing a legal memorandum.

LAW   396      US Private Law (Eng)        

Rights and liabilities between and among persons and entities; methods of legal analysis; the common law of contracts, including legal capacity, formation and termination of contract, remedy for non performance or breach of contract, Uniform Commercial Code; torts including negligence, intentional torts, strict liability, and civil damages, personal injury; corporate Law including formation, operation, powers and dissolution of business entities, concentrating on sole proprietorships, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.

LAW   457      International Commercial Contracts (Eng)       

General principles of international commercial law, international sale of goods agreements, the use of model contracts, attempts of unification of law, drafting arbitration clauses.

LAW   465      Alternative Dispute Resolution (Eng)     

Drafting dispute resolution clauses, amicable disposition, mediation, conciliation.

LAW   468      International Commercial Arbitration (Eng)     

International commercial arbitration as a method for resolution of international commercial disputes, drafting arbitration clauses, parties to arbitration, jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal, arbitrability, arbitrators, rules of arbitration institutions with particular regard to ICC arbitration, annulment, recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

LAW   472      European Union Law (Eng)          

Institutions of the European Union, its foundation process, its main documents, basic principles of EU Law, case studies.

LAW   497      US Public Law (Eng)         

Basic principles of U.S. public law including constitutional law as developed by the U.S. Supreme Court, the standards of due process; civil rights; discrimination; equal protection; the right to counsel; main principles on criminal law and administrative law; as well as ethical considerations and rules of ethics.

LAW   498      Litigation in the United States (Eng)

State and Federal Court structure; Stages of Litigation; The fundamentals of bringing and defending against a lawsuit Court rules for procedure; Discovery; Pleadings; Deposition; Interviewing clients and witnesses; advocacy techniques; evidence.





LAW   195      Basic Principles of Law (Eng) (SEASS)              

Definition of law, the importance of law in social life, comparison between rules of law and other rules regulating social life, classification of legal sciences, types of legal rules, interpretation and application of legal rules.

LAW   214      Basic Principles of Constitutional Law (Eng)     (SEASS)

Constitutionalism movement; demands for liberty and human rights that led to constitutions; constitutions in Turkey and evolution of constitutionalism.

LAW   258      Basic Principles of Commercial Law (Eng)(SEASS)

Law of enterprises (partnerships) that form the basis of the commercial life; commercial business law; negotiable instruments.

LAW   339      Basic Principles of Administrative Law (Eng)(SEASS)

Basic principles of the administrative law that regulate relations between the state and the individual; general structure of the Turkish administrative system.

LAW   358      International Transportation Law ) (Eng) (SEASS)      

Legal dimension of international transportation activities; regulations concerning international land, air and sea transportation.

HUK   422 Intellectual Property Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works (SFAD)

Protection of intellectual and artistic works and applicable regulation thereof.

LAW 430  Law for Medical Sciences 

This course is designed to provide the basic concepts of health law and the basic legislation on health, the right to life, the rights of patients and health professionals, informed consent, medical malpractice, doctor’s liability and insurance system.

LAW   474      Basic Principles of International Law (Eng)(SEASS)

Basic concepts of international Law; international organizations like International Criminal Court and United Nations.

LAW   479      International Commercial Law (Eng) (SEASS)

Basic principles of international commercial law; international sale contracts; use of model contracts; attempts for the unification of legal systems.