Dean’s Message


Prof. Dr. Emre ALKİN

Altınbaş University’s School of Fine Arts and Design in Istanbul has been founded to provide higher education in the fields of Visual Arts and Design. Students are offered undergraduate degree programs by the Departments of Fashion and Textile Design, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Cinema and Television, Plastic Arts and Jewelry Design, as well as a graduate degree program in Arts and Design by the Institute of Social Sciences.

Our School is the main base for the community of international students and faculty from all over the world. Working with professional equipment and experimenting with different techniques and materials, they create a new learning environment in which many creative ideas emerge.

Increasingly, Altınbaş University is expanding each and every day. With the support of our University, strong and high-quality national and international programs are designed and their sustainability is ensured.  Also, new and creative academic programs and projects are facilitated in cooperation with our able academic and administrative staff. Further, the fact that our University is located within the "main arteries" of Arts in Istanbul is undoubtedly a very important and propelling factor in the achievement of this aim.

Istanbul is a city where not only fine arts but also all forms of art and design are being formed. Being a center of unique creativity, Istanbul proves to be the location enhancing the quality of Altınbaş University’s School of Fine Arts and Design, contributing to our students' abilities, and improving our programs and graduation rates. As a dynamic, vibrant and multicultural city, Istanbul is a natural center for the "interdisciplinary studies" offered by Altınbaş University and thus the city and the university come together in the development of creative artistic practices and intellectual presentations.

As an artist-academician, I had the privilege of working with many important universities, artists and curators within the international context with a view to developing new and different ways of thinking, creating important artistic works, and presenting innovative exhibitions. You will also have the privilege to develop and demonstrate your artistic and organizational skills at Altınbaş University’s School of Fine Arts and Design.

As the Dean, I have devoted all my experience and energy to the programs of Altınbaş University’s School of Fine Arts and Design. With our arts and design programs, public projects, international exhibitions, curated exhibitions, undergraduate and graduate programs, our School will be among the academic institutions that will design, and more importantly, plan the visual arts of the future. With our outstanding academic and administrative staff, we have set out to achieve these aims. Will you join us as a stakeholder?

Prof. Dr. Emre ALKİN