Educational Objectives

  • To develop individual creativities of the students by letting them use various methods, techniques and instruments in national and international art events to produce original and top-quality artworks
  • To educate artists who will be able to establish communication not only in visual, but also in written and oral contexts and using a professional format
  • To equip its graduates with skills that will enable them to protect, preserve, and restore the environment and the natural, historic, and cultural values
  • To equip students with values that will instill in them the capacity of transforming cultural richness into artistic production, the capacity of identifying problems and developing effective solutions while envisaging ethical norms
  • To develop in the students the sense of artistic and cultural cooperation at national and international level
  • To equip students with skills that will enable them to direct and lead interdisciplinary and international art events like exhibitions, fairs, biennials, and workshops
  • To educate artists who are open to novelties in their fields, who can continuously improve themselves by acquiring new information and skills.