Educational Objectives

The Department of Jewelry Design aims at educating designers who will use their productive, participating, social, creative and entrepreneurial identities and who

  • Will be able to work in national and international firms in the sector,
  • Will participate to national and international competitions using various methods, techniques, instruments and modern technologies and producing original and high-quality designs,
  • Will develop national and international artistic and cultural collaborations,
  • Will establish written and oral communication at a professional format,
  • Will have a historic and cultural perspective in the light of the developing and changing circumstances and norms of the era,
  • Will be able to find effective solutions to the problems encountered while considering ethical responsibilities,
  • Will be able to make analyses and syntheses at an intellectual level,
  • Will be able to envision the richness of her cultural and artistic climate and translate it into design and creativity,
  • Will be able to improve herself by acquiring new information and skills, thus contributing to developments in her field and leading changes.