Educational Objectives

  • To educate leading designers in the field of fashion and textile design capable of establishing interdisciplinary relations, with analytic thinking capacity, and equipped with universal and modern design values
  • To equip the graduates with oral and written communication techniques in order to communicate with experts and non-experts in the field
  • To educate students who will contribute intellectually and at both national and global levels to culture, art, and aesthetics as needed by the contemporary society
  • To equip the graduates with skills that will enable them to use and share information and communication technologies in production areas
  • To instill in the students the sense of sharing their original ideas and works with the society
  • To equip the graduates with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to direct and lead the interdisciplinary relations in national and international art and design events
  • To educate designers who will contribute to the textile sector by supporting them with projects that will protect the nature and the environment.