Program Requirements

1. Alumni; gain the Fashion and Textile Design culture and establish the designer identity.

2. Alumni; transform their research and observations into individual ideas by using their creative thinking and analytic interpretation skills.

3. Alumni; transform their ideas into textile and fashion project with commercial value and/or works with artistic value; by using the contemporary digital technologies together with the sufficient material and techniques.

4. Alumni; evaluate their works critically with the aesthetic awareness which they gained.

5. Alumni; efficiently manage and direct the process of transforming designs into products with an analytic approach by using the theoretical knowledges and the application practices.

6. Alumni; follow the international innovations and evaluate the inter-disciplinary relations.

7. Alumni; depend on the professional ethics and the legal obligations in their works.

8. Alumni; actualize the target-focused, industrially realistic and innovative designs.

9. Alumni; present/defend their projects by using the visual, written and verbal communication methods efficiently and correctly.



To train students as creative designers who ;

1. Are able to work interdisciplinary, think analytic and reflect the global and contemporary values to own works,

2. Are able to use visual, written and oral communication channels about field, effectively, in the professional environments,

3. Contribute intellectually to science, culture, art and aesthetic, in the light of contemporary circumstances and understandings in national and international level,

4. Use the information and communication technologies effectively,

5. Follow the new methods, techniques, tools and up-to-date technologies in the field and create qualified and original artworks by using them,

6. Transform the local cultural and artistic enrichments into contemporary designs by evaluating them with an intellectual view.