Message From The Chairperson

Nowadays, computers and computer-aided systems have become an important part of our daily lives. Most of our social and work activities take place on electronic devices. Developing these devices and designing them so that they answer the needs of people is a significant problem. Computer engineering, which is a relatively new engineering discipline, answers these needs. Computer engineers examine the mathematical and logical foundations of the computers. Based on these foundations, they work on the development and management of hardware and software components of the computers and similar electronic devices.

Computer engineers work in many sectors in the industry including software and hardware development, telecommunications, banking and finance, defense, automotive, and education. Understanding the properties of the system that they work on, defining the problems that needs to be solved, presenting creative and novel solutions to the defined problems, and finally developing necessary hardware and software tools to solve these problems are the main steps of the activities of computer engineers. They also very closely follow new technological advances and add new information to their existing knowledge.

İstanbul Kemerburgaz University Computer Engineering department aims to prepare our students to the work life with an education system based on international standards and that follows latest technological advances. Our principal objective is to educate our students so that they can be part of significant projects in different areas that adds value to their sectors. Our young and dynamic academic staff provides students with theoretical background and practical knowledge and educates the students to be open-minded and productive.

Dr. Oğuz ATA