Message From The Chairperson

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest among engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers make use of principles of natural sciences to design, develop, manufacture, and control mechanical/electromechanical/thermal and production systems. Mechanical engineers work in product and system development and in production management in a wide range of industrial sectors ranging from automotive industry to biomedical technologies, from manufacturing industry to energy, from smart materials to industrial and home automation and from aerospace applications to heating/ventilating/air conditioning systems. Mechanical engineering is an important engineering area today and will continue to be so in the future, both at national level and worldwide.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Altınbaş University offers its students a flexible curriculum structure, allowing them to develop themselves in their areas of interest. Ability to view problems from a wide perspective, problem solving and communication skills, teamwork, social responsibility, awareness in environmental issues and ethics are emphasized in the curriculum. To this end, students are offered many elective courses with computer and laboratory applications. The main approach in our undergraduate engineering education involves providing students with the basics for scientific and technological research and product development as well.

With its strong academic faculty, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Altınbaş University aims to equip our students with the necessary knowledge and basic research capability, with creative and critical thinking skills, with notions of engineering ethics and social responsibility; in order to be ready for a career in the competitive global environment and to aim lifelong learning and self-development.

Dr. Süleyman BAŞTÜRK