Vision & Mission Statements


In accordance with the requirements of the time; with its ever-developing educational systems it applies, the primary aim of the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, which contains theory and practice together within itself, is to produce the innovative and sensitive individuals who use their imagination as well as scientific and technological skills, can produce original Works, have team-work skills, have a critical point of view, can turn the artistic and ideational dimensions into professional practice.



  •          To produce Professional people who establish relationship and communication in the national and international science, arts and culture environments,
  •          To attract students from throughout the country and the neighboring countries,
  •          To reinforce the corporate identity and to Pioneer with its undergraduate and postgraduate education,
  •          To establish an educational environment which forms the research-training-practice holism,
  •          To be student-centered in the social-cultural activities,

To join and host the domestic-foreign activities, with its academic activities and congress, symposium, seminar and Exchange programs