Chairsperson’s Message

Altınbaş University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design aims to produce graduates who use their imagination as well as scientific and technological skills, are creative, have team-work skills, have a critical point of view, can turn the artistic and ideational dimensions into professional practice, with its ever-developing educational systems it applies.

Within the scope of the Turkish undergraduate program given at Altınbaş University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, the elective courses from the different fields of specialization are included in addition to compulsory courses at which students are enabled to have knowledge of the professional practice. The elective courses enable the students to improve themselves in a way they are interested in. On the other hand, in order to benefit from the developing computer technology, there are compulsory courses, which enable it to teach the computer-aided design and computer language and spread to four terms, and various elective courses. Moreover, our department has an approach which gives priority to cooperation between the different disciplines. The whole program enables the students to gain a social and ethical professional awareness and also to look at from different perspectives, by supporting their improvement.