Vision & Mission Statements


The Architecture Program at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University is driven by a vision of Turkey and a world having healthy and sustainable living environments in which physical, social, environmental and psychological demands are fulfilled and natural risk factors are minimized. It aims to play a pivotal role in the development of an architecture that considers human values, is more responsive to contemporary problems in the built environment, takes advantages of technological advancements for the improvement of architectural design and implementation processes; an architecture that rises from creative and original thought.



The mission of the Architecture Program at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University is to educate the future leaders of the professional and disciplinary fields of architecture as creative designers, professionally competent and socially responsive practitioners, critical thinkers and members of teams. By maintaining national and international standards of academic and professional evaluation, the academic community of administrators, scholars and students work together for the creation of a culture of innovation and research in a learner-centered, flexible and technically supportive form of teaching and learning environment.