Undergraduate Program

  • To furnish the graduates with an awareness of human, functional, technical, urban and environmental aspects of architecture and an ability to harmonize these aspects in a meaningful and creative way;
  • To furnish the graduates with the abilities of critical thinking, methodological research and experimentation in order to encourage their active participation to the processes of scientific advancement and knowledge production and the integration of academic learning with field practice;
  • To furnish the graduates with attitudes and values needed to think and act in a socially responsive and responsible manner in their future professional or academic studies;
  • To encourage the development of graduates’ artistic creativity that would foster their self-realization and self-expression, healthy decision-making and acting upon their decisions. 

1) Critical thinking, speaking and writing

2) Formation of graphical representation and formal composition

3) Researching and utilizing from precedents

4) Designing

5) Understanding national and international architectural approaches and precedents

6) Understanding human behaviors and cultural differences

7) Translating the concerns of accessibility, safety, environmental conditions and sustainability to the design process

8) Handling architectural project management processes

9) Competence on building sciences and technologies

10) Competence on environmental and service systems

11) Active participation to architectural project implementation processes

12) Competence on conservation and restoration of historical environments

13) Competence on fine arts, humanities and social sciences

14) Competent use of information and technological systems