Message From The Chairperson

We ae living in a world where social and political transformations rapidly spread through information technologies, transnational movements and economic activities are realized globally. In such an environment, the ability to understand and analyze societies and social relations has gained importance. Today, the need for individuals who can comprehend the major issues of the society we live in -such as gender, social inequalities and differences, state civil-society relationship, nature-society relationship, and suggest social policy implications regarding these has become more imperative than ever.

With its dynamic, innovative and experienced faculty, Istanbul Kemerburgaz University Department of Sociology aims at schooling sociologists, who possess a sound theoretical background and methodological competence, have analytical and critical mind, are aware of ethical values and their social responsibilities, and are able to offer solutions to social problems with their sociological perspective.

Our program offers courses designed to array the students with the skills to understand and analyze the formation and transformation of societies, the operation of social structures and institutions, and their interaction with their political, economic and cultural counterparts. Furthermore, the program in sociology contributes to the development of critical thought by way of historical comparative analyses.

Under the guidance of a faculty that has international academic experience and interdisciplinary training, and is competent in different theoretical and methodological approaches, the Department of Sociology provides its students with the perfect environment for an internationally acclaimed education and research experience.

Our department will start admitting students in the 2012-2013 academic year. In addition to a strong sociology education, our program offers international exchange programs with prestigious universities, collaborative research projects and internship opportunities abroad. The graduates of Istanbul Kemerburgaz University Department of Sociology acquire professional and academic training designed to respond to the requirements of the globalizing world and business life.


Asst. Prof. Arda İBİKOĞLU - Chairperson of the Department of Sociology