Message From The Chairperson

Psychology is a discipline that aims at understanding the mind-body puzzle through research and practice.
The need for psychology degree holders is steadily increasing both in Turkey and in the world. The Psychology Department of Altinbas University is a young and dynamic department aiming at providing its students with expertise in both research and practice.
Our primary objective is to educate graduates capable of interrogating their surroundings and having grasped the importance of lifelong learning. Our curriculum is accordingly devised in order to provide our students with knowledge in various disciplines of psychology. The program has a flexible structure that will enable students to specialize in their areas of interest. In this way we are aiming at equipping our students with the necessary capacity to make a correct choice while practicing their profession.

In order to support our graduates in becoming successful professionals, our faculty will be providing individual guidance to every student in order to direct them towards their area of interest and competence.

In our first year, we have also established The Kemerburgaz Psychology Research and Application Center with the objective of providing service in order to improve the mental health of the individuals and the society at large, and to conduct research in various disciplines of psychology. The center provides psychological counseling service to adults, couples, children, adolescents and families. It also carries out training activities, clinical measurement and evaluation, group therapies, seminars as well as scientific research activities.

As the Psychology Department of Altınbaş University we strive for providing our students with a world-class modern psychology education. 
We will be pleased to share this vision with you.

Asst. Prof. – Chairperson of the Department of Psychology