Message From The Chairperson

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kasım HANDear Students, 

in a world of increasing interdependence and interconnectedness, the field of international relations has become increasingly vital to understand social, political, economic and cultural transformations among and within states and societies. Recognizing and underlining the growing significance of international relations as an interdisciplinary discipline of politics, economics, law, business, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies and history, the Department of International Relations at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University aims to successfully prepare students for their future academic and professional careers through building a strong academic and intellectual background in the field. We are strongly committed to providing a holistic education to our students that will enable them to become leaders of the future. We educate students to become ethically, socially and culturally responsible and competent individuals who will have the necessary qualifications to become successful teamwork players and are well equipped to conduct independent research. 

In an era of a rapidly changing and globalizing world order, the main objective of the Department of International Relations is to develop critical thinking and knowledge-based understanding of the study of government, political and socio-economic processes, political systems, and the relationships between politics and society. Through offering rigorous courses on a wide range of issues such as foreign policy analysis, European integration, Turkish politics, international political economy, regionalism and globalization, as well as simulation exercises, the Department will provide advanced theoretical and applied knowledge in the discipline of international relations. At the time of graduation, our students will have the capacity and ability to analyze issues and problems in world politics, and autonomously and successfully present and communicate their ideas. Students will be able to work in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual work environment including government, private sector, international organizations, civil society organizations, and media, in addition to being prepared for post-graduate studies. 

With our dynamic, diverse, international and research-oriented faculty, the Department of International Relations has a firm interest in establishing strong linkages between its faculty and students by building an interactive learning environment both in and out of class. At the same time, the Department demonstrates its commitment to intercultural dialogue by providing advanced training and experiences in intercultural competence for students and faculty alike through international mobility and internship programs, such as the Erasmus Program, as well as bilateral agreements with universities worldwide. Participating in international exchange programs and extracurricular seminars and lectures by renown local and international speakers will provide the opportunity for students to pro-actively engage in the building of shared values and understanding. Finally, honoring the responsibilities of the Department to its environment and the global community beyond its disciplinary credentials, we place special emphasis on the issues of social responsibility and ethics. The Program will develop students’ potential as engaged and responsible citizens who recognize and demonstrate an understanding of their roles as members of the local as well as the global community. 

Welcome to our Department!

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kasım HAN - Chairperson of the International Relations Department