Message From The Dean

Prof. Dr. Türker SANDALLIDear Students

Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, Faculty of Dentistry is nonstop working with an enormous team fort he opening day September 2016… Our aim is to present you Turkey’s best and the most contemporary fully – equipped faculty of dentistry. Not just in Turkey, we also would like to generate one of the most reputable and important faculty of dentistry in the world in the course of time. We have the sufficient knowledge and experience to achieve this.

At the present time, it is crucial to be recognised at international level, especially in respect of educational institutions’ visions. Thus, the condition for the achievement is to comply with the international standards. As Istanbul Kemerburgaz University Faculty of Dentistry has newly been established, we have an advantage to prepare and plan ourselves for these international standards. Therefore the requirements for the mentioned standards are long-term practice and proven experiences on dentistry education and patient services.

I, Professor Türker Sandallı, have been implementing all my previous experiences for the establishment of Istanbul Kemerburgaz University Faculty of Dentistry after my administration tasks at Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry and 19 – year experience at Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry which was also established by me. At the time that we will produce our first graduates 5 years later, my aim is to make you graduate from Turkey’s best Faculty of Dentistry.  With our invaluable lecturers who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the academic staff, we will be able to achieve our goal which needs a significant team work.

In order to be internationally recognised and compete with the best dental faculties in the world, our students should be educated in most modern dental clinics under the supervision of our  academic staff who have full knowledge and are able to implement the accredited education from Europe and USA.  On top of the education at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University Faculty of Dentistry, our social opportunities, attachment and sympathy environment will develop our goals and qualifications.

If you would like to get the best dental education, make yourself ready to perform your profession all over the world, be internationally recognised, be responsible for both social and personal values and be a dentist who is respectful for the ethical values, your destination should be Istanbul Kemerburgaz University Faculty of Dentistry.

We are excitedly waiting for the day that we will meet.

Professor Türker SANDALLI