Message From The Chairperson

Dear Students,

The importance of international trade, which has existed since ancient times, is rapidly increasing in our global world. According to the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) 2014 statistics, world merchandise exports and imports volume was only 120,746 million dollars while this number has reached 37,200,322 million dollars in 2013. Turkey, with her unique political position linking three continents and acting as a crossroad of major transportation routes, contributes to world trade simultaneously as a European, Asian, Balkan, Caucasian, Mediterranean, and a Black Sea country. According to the UNCTAD statistics, Turkey’s foreign trade volume was 545 million dollars in 1948 and it has amounted to 403,463 million dollars in 2013. In addition, the country’s foreign trade volume is expected to grow by 109 per cent by 2025.

In light of the above developments, we can argue that the international trade of goods and services has played an increasingly prominent role in the economic development and prosperity of countries. This situation causes International Trade to re-emerge as an attractive discipline in the international world of business and creates the need to develop international trade programs that provide a high-quality, specialized, and interdisciplinary form of education.

The objective of Altınbaş University International Trade Department is to train capable international trade and business leaders in an academic environment fostering creativity, innovation, and open and honest interaction and communication with the faculty and industry partners.  We also aim to improve the economic and social competitiveness of our society by producing graduates with the essential knowledge and the global and cultural insight to succeed and lead in the international world of business. Our graduates will have the strong economic and business background to understand and interpret economic developments, analyze economic events, explore global market opportunities and make the most effective business decisions.

The graduates of the Department of International Trade may choose a professional career in the various departments of international business firms such as export-import, accounting, finance, production, marketing, sales, research, administration, human resources, and others. Our graduates may also choose expert positions in the chambers of commerce, trade unions, international organizations, public, private and non-profit organizations. Alternatively, our graduates may choose to continue on an academic path of graduate studies, contributing to the accumulation of knowledge in the International Business and Trade area through scientific research and/or by educating future generations.

Asst. Prof. Fadime İrem DOĞAN