Message from the Chairperson

Message of the Chair

Gastronomy which is the science and art of eating good Food, is not only a cultural philosophy, but also is related to many professions and science branches. Gastronomy, a multidisciplinary area, needs expert gastronomes and restaurant managers trained in all aspects to ensure continuity and quality in the food and beverage sector.

"Altınbaş University - Department of Gastronomy" was established in the Faculty of Applied Sciences in 2017-2018 academic year. The department aims to train fully-qualified food and beverage professionals who are in control of the management processes in this sector, rather than just an educational institution that educates "chefs". In addition to the minimum information required for being a chef, this program also provides the students with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to become good managers in the later years of their careers. The training language is Turkish and it is aimed to educate professional masters of Turkish cuisine as well as world cuisine.

The program aims to train students by practical cooking courses such as different culinary techniques and food and beverage services; equipped with management skills including business administration, economics, law, cost and marketing; food science courses such as food safety, kitchen chemistry, nutrition, shelf life and storing and aroma chemistry. The curriculum has a wide range of elective courses allowing for the area specialization that our students require. In addition to cooperation with Altınbaş University Faculty of Business Administration, the strategic cooperation protocol signed with our "Association of Food and Beverage Professions" provides a strong link between the sector and the creation of a suitable learning environment for the students. Two short (compulsory) and long-term (Cooperative Education) internships will allow our students to become familiar with the sector through internships.

Lecturers of “Altınbaş Gastronomy” can give lectures in English if requested and are also expert researchers in their field and open to make collaboration in multidisciplinary research studies and projects.