Mission, Vision, Values and Targets



To be a model language school in international standards with all practices, adopting a culture of science, research, creativity and innovation.


We train autonomous and self-confident individuals who add value to global science by effectively using 21st century skills; use the world languages effectively in academic, social and professional life; and make a difference in the sense of social responsibility and solution-oriented approaches.

Our Values

  •  Empathy

Our relation with team members is based upon support and empathy.

  •  Honesty

We are proactive, fair and honest in corporate duties.

  •  Respect

We welcome different perspectives, each other and other academic and administrative staff and students respectfully.

  •  Socialization

We adopt socialization in order to maximize our energy and share our happiness and success.

  •  Positivity-Constructivism

We are always positive and constructive to ensure a peaceful working environment.

  •  Collaboration

We believe in the potential of each member of our team and work together to achieve desired outcomes.

  •  Flexibility

We are open to any suggestions regarding changes in our implementations and instructional design.

  •  Solution-Oriented Approach

We seek for solutions to problems we encounter rather than complaining.

  •  Open-mindedness

We always exchange ideas to develop academic and professional skills.