Course Descriptions

SUI     501      Advanced Issues in Comparative Politics                                                 (3-0)5  

Comparative analysis of political systems, institutions, history, economy, culture, religion, authority and other political topics with a focus on selected countries; theories of development and democratization; various theoretical approaches to the study and understanding of politics; methods of comparative analysis; subject matter and selected countries will vary with instructor.                                     


SUI     503      Politics in Turkey                                                                                          (3-0)5

Early modernization dynamics, the actors and the leading ideologies;  Kemalism as a modernizing initiative; consolidation of the early Kemalist era; the role of the military in Turkey’s political scene; political economy of the coup d’etats in Turkey; rising identity claims.


SUI     505      Globalization and the State                                                                          (3-0)5

Preconditions of nation-states; system of nation-states in 20th century; factors influencing globalization; legal, political and economic dimensions of globalization; economic globalization and welfare-state; globalization and sovereignty; globalization and democratization waves


SUI     506      International Relations Theory                                                                     (3-0)5

Different theoretical approaches to the study and understanding of international relations; survey of major international relations theories including realism, neo-realism, liberalism, idealism, neo-liberalism, world-systems theory, constructivism and critical theories; fromThucydides to contemporary international relations theoreticians; basic international relations concepts such as power, sovereignty, anarchy and cooperation


SUI     507      Selected Topics in Foreign Policy                                                                  (3-0)5

Definition of foreign policy, most influential theoretical approaches to the study of strategic decision-making in political science; various factors affecting the foreign policy decision-making process; relations between foreign policy and domestic politics; combining theoretical and practical aspects of foreign policy-making; historical and contemporary case studies of foreign policy; contemporary issues and developments in Turkish foreign policy; Turkey’s foreign policy vis-à-vis the EU and the implications of Turkey-EU relations for Turkey’s relations with other states; relatedly, EU foreign policy and its impact for Turkey’s EU integration efforts. 


SUI     512      History of Political Thought                                                                        (3-0)5

An introduction to political thought, the theory of City-State and Greek philosophy, the theory of universal community and medieval Christianity, the theory of national state.


SUI     514      Democratization in Turkey                                                                        (3-0)5

Definition of “demos”; direct democracy and modern representative democracy; relationship between democracy and classical liberalism with its commitment to individual rights and parliamentary debates; different models of democracy; major debates on democratic consolidation; Turkey and democratization


SUI     516      Local Governments and Governance                                                        (3-0)5

Historical overview of local governments; restructuring processes of the state; new tendencies within the course of capital accumulation and globalization; local-global tension; globalization and local governments; governance and World Bank policies; governance and local governments.


SUI     524      International Organizations                                                                          (3-0)5

Theoretical and empirical understanding of international organizations (IOs), and their growing role in international relations; historical origins and functions of international organizations, international and domestic political forces that impact operations and effectiveness of international organizations; examination of various IOs in the areas of security, finance, trade, environment, human rights; the relationship of international organizations with the issues of interdependence, global governance and complex sovereignty.


SUI     531      Key Concepts in International Relations                                                   (3-0)5

Basic concepts including war, power, soft power, balance of power, hegemony and globalization; states, international, transnational and supranational organizations; historical turning points such as the establishment of the international system, treaties, regime changes, world wars, the Cold War, the post-Cold War period; and international issues such as trade, aid, environment and energy.


SUI     533      Energy and International Politics                                                               (3-0)5

Taking energy security as the point of departure, the course will analyze how countries formulate their foreign policies to meet their energy needs and how these policies shape the international political economy and security.  Energy is an instrument as well as an objective of foreign policy; countries exploit energy to project power in pursuit of foreign policy objectives, which is one of the main themes of this course.  The course will combine historical perspectives on energy (mercantilism, resource curse, oil shocks, OPEC…) with an analysis of contemporary realities (import dependence, sustainability of nuclear power, structure of energy markets...) and future trends (development of alternative energy, discovery of new hydrocarbon reserves, extraction of shale gas…) in energy politics.  The course will examine how recent political and economic trends such as the Arab Revolutions and the rise of BRIC countries will affect energy issues. Lastly, the course will explore the geopolitical implications of the global shift towards a post-fossil fuel world.


SUI     534      EU and Turkey                                                                                             (3-0)5

Turkey’s EU accession process; main institutions under the Association Agreement and their functions; Turkey’s adherence to common European policies; contemporary problems about Turkey-EU relations; the future of Turkey-EU relations


SUI     535      Diplomacy in a Globalized World                                                             (3-0)5

Diplomatic history and strategies for states to pursue their national interests in a world of complexity and conflict; key actors in world politics and their ideational and material strategies at the international level; limits and opportunities to cooperate at the multilateral level; diplomatic practices and state strategies in negotiations with one another; the role of diplomats and individuals in international negotiations.


SUI     536      Security Issues in a Globalized World                                                      (3-0)5

The causes and conditions of and future prospects for war and peace in the international political system; major theoretical approaches to international security; perception and misperception; the role of armament, disarmament and arms control in international security; proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; emergence of international terrorist networks; effects of globalization on the transformation of security problems.


SUI     537      Key Concepts in Politics                                                                             (3-0)5 Definitions of the concepts and issues such as the nature of political science, fragile character of politics, social structure and politics, power, legitimacy and authority; analyzing the processes of the emergence of the nation-states, the foundations of classical and modern ideologies, classification of the political systems; analyzing the relationships between the citizenship and the States; democratic and undemocratic state systems; political parties and elections systems.


SUI     538      Turkish Politics and Literature                                                                    (3-0)5

Rethinking literature in the contexts of nation-building processes and the construction of the national identity; grasping literature as a terrain of political struggles; elaborating literary realm in the light of East/West Synthesis; the cleavage between the masses and the intelligentsia; the debates around the mission and the role of the intellectuals; resisting tradition and the opposing political currents; Islamic and Turkish an-nationalistic canonical works. 


SUI     539      EU and Local Governments                                                                         (3-0)5

Historical overview of political and administrative frameworks of EU; re-examination of EU’s institutional and functional basis; discussing the local governmental practices and local government institutions of EU; critically evaluating local administrative reforms within the context of EU


SUI     540      Local Governments and Social Policy                                                        (3-0)5

The functioning of local governments which stand to be the most effective basis for the operationalization of social policies; transformations in local governments; relational dynamics between local governments and social policies; new functions employed by the local governments within the process of the transformation of the welfare state; local governments within the context of globalization; local and regional governance.


SUI     541      Comparative Health Care Systems                                                              (3-0)5

Health care insurance systems in various countries; the labor division between public and private insurance systems; health care costs; historical development; health care outputs; case studies; the role of the state in the protection of public health, the positions of political parties regarding public health.     


SUI     542        Gender Studies                                                                                             (3-0)5

To meet the major theoretical debates in Gender studies; to discuss the issues of sexuality, gender, masculinity, woman, “queer” theory, feminism and gendered society in the contexts of family, professional life, media, body and education.


SUI     545       International Political Economy                                                                 (3-0)5

The relationship between economics and politics at the international level; basic theoretical approaches to the institutions, actors and structures of international political economy; systems of global trade, production, finance and knowledge; international institutions, transnational companies regional integration; North-South relations; the discourse and practices of development; problems of global poverty and environment.


SUI     565       Political Psychology                                                                                      (3-0)5

Cognitive heuristics; strategies to detect and avoid fallacies and biases that affect political evaluations and decision-making; psychological processes of opinion formation, ideology, partisanship, political participation and action; psychological dimensions of political campaigns, and system legitimation; use of psychological manipulation in democratic and non-democratic political settings.


SUI     570       Independent Studies                                                                                    (3-0)5

By arrangement with faculty content of the course will be jointly decided by the instructor and the student. The student will be expected to complete advanced level research on a topic related to the discipline of international relations under faculty supervision.


SUI     597       Seminar                                                                                                          (3-0)5

Fundamental principles of academic research: research question, hypothesis, defining research method, presenting the findings; report writing procedures; qualitative research methods (case studies, interviews, focus group etc.); quantitative research methods in social sciences; reliability, validity, major errors in scientific research.


SUI     598       Graduation Project                                                                              (0-0)40

Directed research based on a subject of political science and the field of international relations leading to a graduation report with the approval of the advisor. Academic report writing in an academic and ethical discipline.


SUI     599       Thesis                                                                                                   (0-0)80

Masters-level thesis study under the supervision of an academic advisor in the field of political science. Writing an academic article from his/her thesis work.