Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions


LAW 502      International Fiscal Law                                                                            (3-0)5

In this course, the legislation of European Union, the practice of the European Court of Human Rights, prevention of double taxation, free trade zones, direct and indirect taxes and customs duty will be analyzed.


LAW 521      Recent Developments in Turkish Private Law I                                      (3-0)5

In this course, new institutions and regulations brought by the new Turkish Commercial Code will be particularly examined.


LAW 522      Recent Developments in Turkish Private Law II                                    (3-0)5

In this course, new institutions and regulations brought by the new Turkish Code of Obligations will be particularly examined.


LAW 523      International Intellectual Property Law                                                   (3-0)5

This course aims to introduce students to the legal framework regarding with the protection of the intellectual property rights and in this context, also to inform students with the practices of copyright and related rights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs and utility models.


LAW 525      Recent Developments in Information Technologies Law                        (3-0)5

In this course, legal problems which arise as a result of the rapid advances in the field of information technologies will be analyzed.


LAW 550      Logistics and Carriage Law                                                                       (3-0)5

In this course, legal rules and principles on the sea, land and air carriage of goods, in particular international agreements in this field and the related provision of the new Turkish Commercial Code will be analyzed.


LAW 551      Mergers & Acquisitions                                                                              (3-0)5

Confidentiality agreement, memorandum of understanding, legal and financial due diligence examination, application of model m&a contracts, regulations brought by the new Turkish Commercial Code.



LAW  552      Capital Market Law                                                                                              (3-0)5

Regulations regarding capital markets, with particular regard to capital market law, functioning of open joint stock companies, going public process, minority rights.


LAW 553      Recent Developments in Energy Law                                                       (3-0)5

Legal rules regulating energy market and regulations of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.


LAW  554      International Maritime Law                                                                      (3-0)5

Sources of International Maritime Law, international conventions, rules relating to the duties of shipowners and ship operators, maritime liens, salvage, piracy, maritime arbitration





LAW 560      Lex Mercatoria                                                                                           (3-0)5

General principles of International Commercial Law, their historical development, their expression in comparative law and uniform law, their applications in the light of arbitral awards and doctrinal writings. Prerequisite: English


LAW 561      International Commercial Contract Law                                                 (3-0)5

Formation and practice of international commercial contracts in the light of a typical international sales transaction, INCOTERMS, letter of credits and other means of payment, use of model contracts, law applicable to the contract and dispute resolution mechanisms.


LAW 562      International Commercial Arbitration                                                     (3-0)5

Arbitration clauses,capacity to arbitrate, arbitrability, public policy, ad hoc and institutional arbitration, arbitration process, New York Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, Turkish International Arbitration Act.


LAW 563      Uniform Law (Harmonization of Law)                                                    (3-0)5

Development of Uniform Law, EU’s attempts to harmonize private law, Ole Lando Principles, Vienna Convention on International Sale of Goods, UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts and other uniform law texts.


LAW 564      International Construction Law                                                                (3-0)5

FIDIC model contracts, the status of the engineer and his authority to resolve the conflict,   the problems of the practice, joint venture contracts, hardship and force majeure clauses, arbitration clauses.


LAW  565      International Investment Law                                                                   (3-0)5

Sources of International Investment Law, international treaties, bilateral investment agreements, international taxation agreements, sustainable development dimension, the Works of UNCTAD, OECD and World Bank, ICSID and international investment arbitration.


LAW 570      Private International Law Practice Studies                                              (3-0)5

Recognition and enforcement of judicial decisions, determination of the law applicable to contracts, torts and family law cases, the rules of conflict of laws, renvoi, conflict resolution clauses.


LAW  571      World Trade Organization Law                                                               (3-0)5

Historical background of the GATT and World Trade Organization, TRIPS and TRIM agreements, representation of developing countries, panels of the World Trade Organization and the procedure of appeal.


LAW 572      Recent Developments in Competition Law                                                         (3-0)5

In this course, control of merger and acquisitions in the European Union, abuse of the dominant position, barriers to trade and the state subventions will be analyzed.


LAW 582      Collective Bargaining Law in the Light of ILO Norms                           (3-0)5

In this course, the regulations of International Labor Organization (ILO) regarding to the collective bargaining will be analyzed.



LAW 597      Seminar                                                                                                        (3-0)5

In Seminar course, the students will present the results of their studies on their thesis works.


LAW 599      Thesis                                                                                                         (0-0)80

The students will prepare a scientific thesis which will be the result of a qualified academic research on a specific field related to International Commercial Law.