Message From The President

Prof. Dr.<br />Çağrı ERHAN<br />PresidentDear Students,

Welcome to Altınbaş University.

You are stepping into a university which truly adopted the motto “Leading with Science” as its primary objective. As a new university, we welcome new students. Your dynamism and eagerness to learn together with our determination and accumulation of knowledge, open doors to professional opportunities and science life.

Universities have two important functions:  Teaching existing knowledge and reaching out for new facts and new knowledge by questioning the existing ones. To successfully accomplish this double task, universities should establish a strong education combined with innovation, research and development. This task requires a specific dynamism. At this very point, curiosity and questioning lie at the center of contemporary conception of universities. For this reason, universities can be considered as civilization projects. Academic autonomy and scientific freedom are two essential foundations of this project.

It is not possible to envisage a university today, enclosed between four walls, away from its own society, having no contact with the outside world; in brief,  a university with a perspective trapped in its own narrowness.

Altınbaş University prides itself on offering its students this very dynamism and innovativeness;  delivering free research and development to national and international scientific community; Altınbaş University is proud to “Lead with Science”. Hence we make the necessary investments to be sure to reach the highest standards as university, and we employ a highly qualified academic and research staff, all graduates from  the world's  top universities in their fields.

Altınbaş University is growing into a modern, dynamic university, in touch with business and art world, due to tremendous support from Mehmet Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundationı and Altınbaş Holding, which is one of the most powerful economic forces of Turkey.  Since its foundation in 2008, our university has begun to admit students in 2011 and now continues to make his mark day by day in our scientific community through eight schools, three graduate schools, two vocational schools, three research centers and 23 undergraduate programs, 19 associate’s degree programs, six graduate programs and two doctorate programs. With its increasing rate of scholarship allocation, our university continues to be a centre of attraction for all students who wish to study in Istanbul.

Our university puts its signature under internationally qualified research projects with its two doctorate programs by bringing forward the English language, which became the most widely used language on a global scale, and offering rigorous academic programs. Our academic staff continues to achieve very successful results in the field of scientific research projects.

As Altınbaş University, we are in a period where we are enhancing our investments in education. Last year, one of the most modern Student Guest Houses in Turkey has opened its doors to IKBU students. Our Guest House, which is only two-minute walk away from our main campus, is equipped to meet our students’ needs in terms of accommodation, study and catering. Another important investment that we made is our Bakırköy Campus, which will open its doors to students in the next academic year. In this new campus, having a surface area of 40000 square meters,  some of our schools will continue to provide education, notedly our health sciences-related schools (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Vocational School of Health Services).

On the other hand, our students will be able to continue their education programs both in our industry and trade partners’ companies and also at the university, thanks to CO-OP education program that we have introduced as an example of modern education system, in order for our students to maintain close relations with industry and gain experience during their studies.

Another program that we are proud of and which has no precedent in Turkey, is Law Dual Degree Program, conducted in cooperation with Köln University.  Students included in this program, find the opportunity to study in Turkey and Germany, and become entitled to receive a diploma in law which is valid in both countries.


Our Dear Students,

We live in the era of great transformations which deeply changes our wiew of the world. New concepts are coming to life while common notions are being redefined.  Universities and scientists play a vital role in society, in order for this irresistible transformation to deliver healthy results for humanity. I am pleased to see that all our academic and administrative staff are taking this great responsibility.

Turkey is a country where different cultures were blended together, through the humanity's thousands years of adventure. Situated at the crossroads of two continents, Istanbul is one of the world’s major metropolises, which has been the capital of three empires. Through our cultural wealth, historical background, social dynamism and values of civilization, we are one of the exceptional countries able to embrace the true universality, which leads us to take responsability both locally and globally, to generate solutions and open new horizons. The essence of Altınbaş University’s founding philosophy is based upon processing this great potential diligently and being useful to humanity.

Enlightened minds, bright souls and unshakable self-confidence are the foundations upon which we build the future we want for our youth.

Prof. Dr. Çağrı Erhan's CV